Tuesday, November 3, 2009

day of my birth

so today was my birthday. it was a good one i must say. good in it's simpleness and sweetness. awoke to love and eased into the day. coffee and some friends and family calling and the like. then a long walk with my dog. what a beautiful day, weather could not have been better, socal serving it up in only the way it can, so when i got home i sat on our deck outside and read. didn't want to go anywhere, just taking it easy, kickin it homestyle. love that. later on i had my analytical trilogy class and then it was out with a few friends to barbarella bar. good happy hour. cool chill vibe. stopped off for one more at the red lion and back home to a pasta dinner served up by my father in law, sauce he slaved over all day. overall i could not be more please with how this all went. relaxing and right-sized. happy birthday to me. and thanks to all those who give me love and wished me well. i am bigger and brighter because of you.