Sunday, September 5, 2010

endings & beginnings

End of summer and it's been a good one for me. Can't knock the absolute loveliness of having a regular VO gig and I had plenty of time to pal around with folks and sorta take it easy. As humans (let's face it, animals) we're cyclical. It was a super busy Spring; I needed the rest this summer-the quiet easiness, the no classes, the super breezy jobs and the "just being ok" with the quietness.

Fall always brings a new energy. It's that sort of "back to school" energy of "Ok, now I need to get serious..!". I like that too. It's like one more big push until the holidays come outta nowhere and whirl us into the next year. My dance teacher this morning was actually talking about this and offered another perspective. She said we're in the 9th month now and likened that to the gestation period of the birth cycle. We've had nine months to grow and shape this year. Now is a great time to reflect and see where we've been, how we've gotten there and where we're still looking to go. It's a time to tie up any loose ends and do any of those things we might have been putting off. Make the phone calls you've been avoiding. Organize, clean and prepare for the final chapter of the year. It coincides beautifully with Mercury Retrograde, (which ends Sept. 12th) and is also a time for going back over the past, clearing and tending to anything that needs to be cleared or tended to...

On that note, I am committing to the following actions in September:

-Cleaning & Organizing my studio. Everything has a home and should be in it's place. If it doesn't have a home, make it one... or ditch it.
-Buy the damn Indie Bible and send my cd's out. I made a cd this summer. It needs to be heard!
-Get in the studio and rehearse with the band; book some shows and play out. You are a performer, Rachel...go for it. Finish out the year on stage.
-Get a couple more audiobook demos up on the old website.
-Research the next step with Promos, (which I think is to study with someone new and/or do scratch trax for anyone who'll let me!)
-Get another healing session with Jude. Dance regularly and try to work in a yoga class per week!
-Above all else, thank the universe daily for all the magnificent riches in my life. Love people more. Be more generous not only in action, but in words and thought. Visualize absolute manifestation of dreams, mine and all my friends, family and colleagues.

Thanks for witnessing! I'd love to hear what this point in time means for you!