Friday, August 6, 2010

Supervalu Grocery!

I am excited to announce that for about 5 weeks now I've been the new insert voice for Supervalu Grocery Store Chain! Supervalu is a huge nation-wide chain, including Albertsons, Shaws, Shop n' Save, Jewel-Osco, Acme, Farm Fresh and more! I'm the voice that comes on at the end of the spot and tells you to hurry in and make sure you don't miss such and such- whatever is in season and on-sale from week to week. It is so much fun to do! I have to admit, I've been imitating grocery ads as I listened to them on the radio in my car for years now! I'm a self-admitted geek for both food and great bargains- I always knew this was in my wheel house. What a trip to now be in my car driving, listening to myself! So grateful; it's a blast, the folks I'm working with are awesome... and to have a regular gig is such a gift.

I actually happen to love grocery stores. One of the few things that my mother and I always did together was grocery shop. She taught me how to do it, and how to do it like a pro, every Friday at the ShopRite. From the time I was a baby, I'd ride in the little front seat of the cart and watch her as she piled up food a mile high, to feed four kids, a husband, a dog and three cats. She'd show me her list, how she'd organized everything according to where it actually was in the store - and I thought that was amazing; to me, that store was HUGE! How could she possibly know where everything was?? When we'd get up to the register, I'd stare as the food zipped through and the total would climb....higher and higher...and my mind would always swirl with horror and delight when I saw the final cost--Over $200??! How could she spend that much on food every week! She'd moan and feign despair as she smiled. She'd say "I know-can you believe it?!"

When we got home, it was everybody's job to help unload the car. If you were home, you helped. That was the rule. Mom did not bring in the groceries. Instead, she'd be inside, cleaning out the fridge. Throwing out the old and making room for the new. Restoring order to our lives. Soon, the brown paper bags would be in rows across the kitchen floor and everyone would disappear, back to their own lives. And the next thing you knew, she had put them all away, folded up the bags and started dinner...and we had a fully stocked house. Another week of safety, comfort and stability realized in that weekly ritual, put away lovingly on our shelves.