Wednesday, March 10, 2010

P&G's DDF Anti-Aging Protocol Booking!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a gig for Proctor & Gamble's DDF (Doctor's Dermatologic Formula) Anti-Aging Protocol. It was a a long piece - we were in the studio for about 3 and a half hours as they recorded me and dropped my voice into the piece. Originally they had intended to use two different VO women for the two different parts, but they ended up giving it all to me! It was fun to play two different "roles"; one voice was a more clinical/scientific/expert read and the other was a more friendly/peppy/everyday person read. It was a Direct Response/Call to Action type of infomercial, which I am finding I have a knack for! I had a great time doing it. Everyone was fun, focused and positive. I hope it plays over and over again!! It was recorded at Dave and Dave's in Toluca Lake, which I had heard of, but never been to. As it turns out, they are the ones who produce the VORG (Voice Over Resource Guide)! I left with two copies. They were great, and it was a beautiful studio. I love my job!

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