Tuesday, March 30, 2010

great day

Today I had two sessions, a morning one and then an afternoon one. The morning one took one hour, a promotional video for Aquatic's Ava Bath, recorded at Voice Trax West in the Valley. They offer their ISDN to talent for $1/minute with a minimum of 30 minutes. What a great deal! Why bother paying for your own? And they are super cool, too. Totally my kind of folks over there.

The afternoon one was for Beaufort Memorial Hospital, this amazing hospital in South Carolina. I recorded it at my home studio, a series of six :15 spots for tv. I knocked them out in about 2 hours. Coulda been faster, but I tend to be a perfectionist.

The cool thing is, not only did I thoroughly enjoy myself today, I made more money in 3 hours than I would all week at a "day" job. What a fun life. This is how I imagine it will be every day sometime soon. I love it. I love that nothing is ever the same and that I get to learn about all these interesting products and services, offering up my creativity to complete a picture that a lot of people have worked really hard at manifesting.

Everybody is selling something. I get to sell in a creative and exciting way that feels right to me.

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