Saturday, April 10, 2010

first female voice of HBO

I'm taking a really fun promo class with Gene Cordes and Joyce Castellanos on Thursday nights. The class is "to picture". It's excellent. Their basic approach with promos is that every station is a family and all of the shows are their kids. And, as the voice, you are an insider- a member of that family - either a crew member or really in the show, but that you know the cast really well. I had just practiced one for a block of Fox shows, ones that I knew very well and I was remarking about how much easier it is when you actually know the shows. Then without thinking (or I might not have said it? why is that?), I announced that I want to be the first female voice of HBO. I know and love all those shows. It seemed like the people I was talking to really heard me, and in a few seconds, visualized that with me. What's more, I felt everything go so still, just for a moment. It actually felt like universe was listening. Absorbing the call. Let's hope so! Here's to the Power of Specificity!

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