Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bah Da Da Da Da...

I'm LOVING it... Had the wonderful opportunity to voice for a McDonald's commercial last week. It was fun to reconnect with what it felt like to be a child and get to go to Micky D's. Such a treat! I remember my mom wouldn't go, but I had this one aunt who would...it was always a special secret thing and to this day when I think of those rare trips, it brings back feelings of wonder, joy and mystery! Let's hear it for sense memory!

In other news, I feel oddly in synch with the coming closure of the year. Sometimes I feel like "No, it can't be over yet!" but this year it seems like "Yep, 'bout right". Ready to glide into the holiday season and celebrate all that has come to fruition. This has been a great year. Probably my best year ever. Seriously. I had so many thrills in my career, plus on a personal note I released a record and got on onstage as the front woman of my own band. Amen! I am excited for 2011 and all the mysteries it holds. Things seem tasty and delicious. Kinda like my old-school memories of hitting the drive through with Aunt Meg at McDonalds....Ba da da da da...I'm lovin' it!

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