Wednesday, August 26, 2009


is God's Protection.
makes me wonder why.
prepares me for the next time.
makes me stronger.
makes me recommit to myself.

makes anger arise.
makes sadness come.
feels bad in the moment.
and grows to be a memory that doesn't.

is a learning experience.

another notch on the belt.

hope was up.
this knocks me down.

but i get up.

don't they say
"it's just another opportunity for yes"
down the line
it doesn't mean no
it means
"not right now"

it's all good.

it wasn't meant to be.
not at this time.
not right now.
not with that person
and in that way.

something better is coming.
Universe has my back.
angels are in line

seven behind me
strong and hovering
waiting for the right moment
the right person
to grab gently by the back of the shirt
and take for a ride
with my name on it.

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