Monday, August 24, 2009

So I worked all weekend. 15 hour days. Sore body. Tired mind. Need to rest a bit; it does not feel like Monday to me.

The cool thing is I was working an outdoor music festival called Sunset Junction. (In one of my other lives I work on the marketing team for O.N.E. coconut water). It was at times boring, stiflingly hot, fun and wonderful. I was able to catch a few bands and that was great. In fact our booth was right by one of the stages, so I got to watch Arrested Development as I was "working". I danced my butt off. They are still, after all these years, such a great band. Genuinely talented musicians and what a mad crazy love vibe they radiate. It was really beautiful watching them, feeling them, build and shape the positivity, drawing people in and winning everybody over. What a joyful show.

Another cool act I caught was Nico Vega . Awesome female singer. She was just great. Great voice. Great front woman. She really brought it.

Well, I think that's all for me now. Nasty sewage smell radiating throughout the house, I am afraid to say. Plumbing issues. Moving soon and going on vacation even sooner, so it is ALL GOOD.

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